Asian Put Options & European Hedging Options

Posted by:Prof. Lexx Posted on:May 6,2016

Problem 1) Pricing Asian Put Option

Stock current price S0: 100

Driftm: 0.08 (annual)

Volatility s: 0.12 (annual)

Exercise price K: 97

Period length Dt: 1/52 yr (week)

Expiration time T: 1 yr

Risk-free rate r: 0.059

Sample size: 1000 (runs/replications/years)

Q0: Plot the sample paths {St} for the first 3 runs (each is 1yr starting with S0). Are there any patterns?

Q1: What is the distribution (histogram) of R0?

Q2: How should it the put option be priced, i.e., E[R0]=?

Q3: What is the probability Pr[R0>1.1]?

Q4: Answer Q1, Q2, Q3 for Asian call option

Problem 2) Financial Hedging

Stock current price S0: 100

Drift m: 0.08 (annual)

Volatility s: 0.12 (annual)

Time delay (maturity) t: 0.5 (year)

Risk-free rate r: 0.059

Put option price c: 0.57

Exercise price K: 97

Sample size N: 2000

Q1: What is the distribution of the stock price St? mean and its 95% CI? Downside risk P(St –S0

Q2: What is the distribution of R0 (the present value of the payoff of the put option)? How should it the put option be priced, i.e., E[R0]=? What is its 95% CI? Is .57 in the CI?

Q3: Compare the return of the next two investment strategies. Which one is riskier? Why? Draw your conclusion by the comparison of the distribution; mean; variance; downside risk of each strategy.

Stock only (no hedging)

Stock plus put option (hedging)


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