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  Assignment Requirements

Step 1 – Rename the base code

  1. Open the solution up in Visual Studio right click on the Solution and rename it as per (2)
  1. Build the solution and inspect the output. Spend some time becoming familiar with the code before you do anything else.

Step 2 – Identify “code smells”

Open up a new document in Word (or equivalent), start documenting any code smells you identify in the code in point form. You might want to cut and paste the code into Word to illustrate the problems.

Step 3 – Create a class diagram of the initial code.

Do this in Enterprise Architect and copy the resultant diagram into your Word file. Ensure your EA file is saved and labelled as “starting code base”.

Step 4 – Refactor and unit test code

Ensure that your starting code and EA file is backed up. Once this is done, commence refactoring the code in Visual Studio. Document each change you make and provide an explanation of why you have done so.

Your final code should be fully refactored and have unit tests developed for every method (other than ToString and Get and Set methods). These unit tests should be documented to demonstrate the results before and after the changes to confirm that the functionality of the code has not changed.

Step 5 – Add additional functionality

Add and unit test new functionality to the application as per the description below.

  • The car hire chain offers loyalty discounts on the rental fee to members of its loyalty club. These discounts are:
  • Blue: 10%
  • Silver: 15%
  • Gold: 20%

Update the code base to implement this functionality. No discount is offered to clients who are not members of the loyalty club.

  • Update the code base to implement a further level of discount, of 50%, to be offered to clients who are also employees of the car rental company.
  • Add an interactive menu to the application, allowing users to add clients, process car rental bookings and add new rental cars to the system.

Step 6 – Create diagrams of the final code.

Do this in Enterprise Architect and copy the resultant diagram into your Word file. Create a class diagram of the final code, and a sequence diagram showing how a new car rental booking is processed in the final code. Ensure your EA file is saved and labelled as “final code base”.


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