CIS 3009 – ASSIGNMENT 2 Evaluation of ERP System Implemented in

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As an external consultant, you have been hired by to evaluate the effectiveness of the processes they undertook in implementing its ERP system and to present your evaluation in report format to the CEO Patrick Byrne.  You have been asked to use the format given in the file, Analyzing a Case Study.

Using the knowledge covered in Module 1-4 and supplemented by at least 4 academically sound external sources:

1.      Your report should identify and discuss processes that:

a.       Contributed to the final outcome, positively and/or negatively:

b.      Posed a risk and how those risks were/could have been minimized,

c.       Identifies and analyses the SDLC method used, its suitability and if appropriate suggest an alternate SDLC method(s) that might have been more appropriate.

2.      Your report should end with an evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the initial planning and SDLC method used, and a ‘lessons learned’ section to inform any future ERP implementation.

NOTE: You should restrict your report only to topics covered in Chapters 1- 4 and not extend it to cover the full implementation process.  The textbook questions should not be used to structure the report but may help you consider the questions asked here.

 Length: 1500-2000 words.

 SECTION B (15 marks)

Complete the SAP exercise as directed in tutorials 3-5.

Keep a journal of your activities and your experience in learning to use SAP

In a word or refined text file, submit the outputs to the SAP exercise and a copy of your journal for the first exercise.

In the allocation of marks, your inputs in the SAP GBI database (as shown in a SAP report of your activity by User ID), your submitted journal and SAP exercise outputs will be taken into account.  Please note, no marks will be given if the SAP report generated does not produce a record of any activity by your User ID).


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