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Posted by:Prof. Lexx Posted on:Apr 25,2016
Statements of knowledge produced by research disciplines differ from statements of private conviction. Understanding the special character of statements of disciplinary knowledge will help you read, use, and write academic work. Claims that are likely to convince informed critical readers must go beyond the author’s discoveries of personal experience to data gathered and analyzed according to a discipline’s currently accepted methods and standards. Those data develop ideas and become part of the evidence for the author’s conclusions. A description of data -gathering methods may in fact be a necessary part of any written research statement. The data-gathering methods and formats for arguing statements of disciplinary knowledge vary through time, from discipline to discipline, and even within disciplines. Although much of this variation comes from differences in subjects and from the historical development of techniques with each discipline, the most fundamental differences arise from the kinds of questions asked by various academic researchers. These fundamentally different questions lead to a variety of concepts, procedures, and even ways of thinking in disciplines. 1 page(300words) Reading Reflection

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