Cengage Human Resources Management Exercise Paper



Cengage Human Resources Management Exercise Paper



Paper Title Cengage Human Resources Management Exercise Paper
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Cengage Human Resources Management Exercise Paper

Jamieca Jefferson


January 23, 2017

Alejxxxxxxxra Sipion-Zapata

Cengage Human Resources Management Exercise Paper

For xxxxxxx assignment, I xxxxxxxd xxxxxxx High-Perxxxxxxxmance Work Systems HRM exercise. The main xxxxxxxs xxxxxxx week xxxxxxx promoting egalitarianism. I xxxxxxx given four proposals xxxxxxx HRC wanted my feedback. For proposal one, I xxxxxxx asked if xxxxxxxer management xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx healthcxxxxxxx plans as xxxxxxx rest of xxxxxxx employees. I agreed because xxxxxxx important to remain fair to all employees. For proposal two, I xxxxxxx asked if monthly company meetings xxxxxxx be beneficial. I agreed because xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx all employees a chance to voice xxxxxxxir feelings xxxxxxx concerns. For proposal three, I xxxxxxx asked if scorecards xxxxxxx remain in xxxxxxx company. I agreed because xxxxxxx scorecards xxxxxxx employees to be awxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxir strengths xxxxxxx weaknesses. For proposal four, I xxxxxxx asked if exxxxxxx employee xxxxxxx be paid xxxxxxx on xxxxxxxir skills. I agreed because skill-xxxxxxx xxxxxxx sxxxxxxxs employees xxxxxxx xxxxxxx company values xxxxxxxir xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx motivate xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx harder. My choices xxxxxxx xxxxxxx received by xxxxxxx supervisor xxxxxxx on xxxxxxx feedback. The main lesson xxxxxxx I learned xxxxxxx xxxxxxx exercise is xxxxxxx xxxxxxx alxxxxxxxs important to treat employees fairly xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx a chance to express xxxxxxxir feelings xxxxxxx concerns xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is taking xxxxxxx within xxxxxxx company.

Based on xxxxxxx discussions in class, I think xxxxxxx of my classmates xxxxxxxed xxxxxxx scenario with my xxxxxxx point of view, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx equality within a company is a huge necessity. For example, xxxxxxxclassmates agreed xxxxxxx skill-xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx be implemented. Skill-xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxs employees to be paid xxxxxxx on xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxge xxxxxxx skill xxxxxxxy bring to xxxxxxx company. Skill-xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxs as a xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx organization, as xxxxxxx as xxxxxxx employee. It xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx employee to be compensated xxxxxxx xxxxxxxir skills, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxing

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