CIS 525 Discussion 9 Agile Coach Failure and Recovery



CIS 525 Discussion 9 Agile Coach Failure and Recovery

CIS 525 Discussion 9

“Agile Coach Failure and Recovery”  Please respond to the following:

  • Read the article titled, “Agile Coaching the Wrong Way!,” located here. You may also view the article at Examine two (2) common agile coach failure modes. Provide at least two (2) examples of these failure modes and speculate on where these failure modes come from.
  • Suggest two (2) strategies that agile coaches can use to recover those failures identified in Part 1 of this discussion. Provide a rationale for your response.





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Agile Coaching Failure xxxxxxx Recoxxxxxxx

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Agile Coach Failure Modes

The common failure modes xxxxxxx agile coaches xxxxxxx get xxxxxxxselves in xxxxxxx solving problems xxxxxxx xxxxxxxir agile teams xxxxxxx xxxxxxx too close to xxxxxxxir own teams.

First is xxxxxxx tendency of solving xxxxxxx teams’ problems: xxxxxxx failure mode is associated with xxxxxxx coach trying to be part of xxxxxxx technical muscle raxxxxxxxr xxxxxxx sticking to xxxxxxx roles of a good agile coach. A good coach in agile development team xxxxxxx ensure xxxxxxx xxxxxxxy xxxxxxx xxxxxxx direct solutions to xxxxxxxir teams regardless of xxxxxxx coach’s technical experience xxxxxxx skills (Harman, 2015). It is xxxxxxx role of a coach to guide xxxxxxx team in realizing xxxxxxxir goals through adopting of xxxxxxxir own solution. Most agile coaches’ failure because of making use of xxxxxxxir technical experience to help xxxxxxxir teams thus making xxxxxxx team not to own xxxxxxxir solution.

Example: An agile coach xxxxxxx see a team trying to develop a softwxxxxxxx solution to a xxxxxxx problem. Sxxxxxxxe xxxxxxx team xxxxxxx concluded on an inappropriate technology, xxxxxxx coach decides to use xxxxxxxir own technical skills xxxxxxx experience to disagree xxxxxxx xxxxxxxride xxxxxxx by providing a xxxxxxx technology.

Secondly, inability to maintain a distance with one’s own team: xxxxxxx too close to one’s team xxxxxxx hinder xxxxxxx coaching capabilities xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to coaching failure. For xxxxxxx coaches, xxxxxxx difficult to withhold a xxxxxxx solution xxxxxxx xxxxxxxir own teams simply because xxxxxxxy xxxxxxx coaches (Hazzan & Dubinsky, 2010). Txxxxxxx is xxxxxxx one of xxxxxxx failures as an agile coach.

Example: an agile coach xxxxxxx decide to develop a xxxxxxx section of a softwxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx agile team does not seem comxxxxxxxtxxxxxxx developing. The reason xxxxxxx xxxxxxx coach doing xxxxxxx is because xxxxxxx team is xxxxxxx or her own team xxxxxxx he does not want xxxxxxx team to fail.

Recoxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Coaching Failures

  1. Allowing xxxxxxx coaches

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