Peer Response Assignment

Students are expected to actively participate in the in the forum discussion. A minimum of 2 substantive participation posts (175-250 words) is required to earn full participation points.

Guidelines for student forum discussion/participation:

· -Select a fellow student’s response and compare and contrast your thoughts with theirs;

· -Advance the conversation; provide a real-world application and experiential examples;

· -Conceptually discuss your key [most significant] learning insight or take-away from the selected forum topic comments.

· -Responses should be a minimum of 175-250 words, supported by at least one reference outside of the textbook, either supporting or refuting the position of the author of the forum topic response or peer response.



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Response #1

It seems to be common xxxxxxxxxxxxxxge xxxxxxx one xxxxxxx xxxxxxx money investing in stocks.  What is not common xxxxxxxxxxxxxxge is xxxxxxx stocks one xxxxxxx invest in to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx money.  xxxxxxx xxxxxxx several different ideas on xxxxxxx to opxxxxxxxize earnings xxxxxxx stocks, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx ones xxxxxxx right?

It is xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx stock prices xxxxxxx react xxxxxxx firms announce unexpected xxxxxxxs, (Skinner, 2011). Txxxxxxx is supported by xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx if a company reports xxxxxxxs xxxxxxx xxxxxxx result in losses in value, xxxxxxx investors xxxxxxx start to sell xxxxxxxir stock, xxxxxxx in turn causes xxxxxxx price of xxxxxxx stock to fall. It is xxxxxxx xxxxxxxs in market xxxxxxx price of stock xxxxxxx xxxxxxx look at to decide if xxxxxxxy xxxxxxx buy stocks or not. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx two xxxxxxx xxxxxxxs investors stxxxxxxxgize xxxxxxx xxxxxxxy buy stocks, xxxxxxx growth investors xxxxxxx xxxxxxx value investors.

Growth investors xxxxxxx interested in a company’s future profxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx a value investor is xxxxxxx interested in a company’s current value, (How, n.d.). A growth investor is going to want to look at xxxxxxx company looks as though txxxxxxx xxxxxxx be quick growth in xxxxxxx future, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx be xxxxxxx stocks xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx appealing to buy.  Txxxxxxx is true even if xxxxxxx price of xxxxxxx stock at xxxxxxx xxxxxxxe of purcxxxxxxxe isn’t necessarily low. These investors xxxxxxx feel as though xxxxxxxy xxxxxxx getting xxxxxxx xxxxxxxy paid xxxxxxx. The stxxxxxxxgy is to look xxxxxxx stocks xxxxxxx xxxxxxx market is healthy even though xxxxxxx stocks don’t look xxxxxxx a bargain, (Keri, 2001).

Value investors look xxxxxxx xxxxxxx current values of company assets, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx less concerned with future growth.  Txxxxxxx tactic is xxxxxxx so to xxxxxxx sure xxxxxxx a lot of money isn’t spent on xxxxxxx initial purcxxxxxxxe of xxxxxxx stock.  Txxxxxxx stxxxxxxxgy is to be xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx off of selling xxxxxxx stock, xxxxxxx having bought stock at a bargain price. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxments xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is not xxxxxxx xxxxxxxt stxxxxxxxgy, xxxxxxxever.  Some feel xxxxxxx if a stock’s price is low, xxxxxxx is because anxxxxxxx investor xxxxxxx

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