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CIS8004 Enterprise Planning and Implementation Assignments

Assignment 1 (20%)

Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date

Assignment 1 (written report) 100 20% Refer to study schedule

CIS8004 Enterprise Planning and Implementation 1500 words excluding reference list

This written assignment is to be electronically submitted through the EASE system in

the CIS8004 Study Desk. Hardcopy or email submission will NOT be accepted.

You have been hired as an Information Systems consultant to examine State Health

Centre, a fictitious multi-centre State Government Hospital, with about 20-specialist

cardiologists. The centres are East, West, North, South and Central. The State Health

Centre offers cardiology related services to affected people. The services include initial

screening, ongoing maintenance and periodical treatment. The costs are recovered

through subsidies provided by the Government.

The hospital is modern and comes with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure,

including wireless systems. The registrar, who is responsible for all patient safety and

service quality affairs, wants to revise the IT structure and is especially interested in

integrating access to all services through mobile devices inside and beyond the hospital.

Your task is to develop a Business Systems Plan (with full justification as to how these

are applicable for the organisation) so as to accommodate mobile access to various

services provided by the hospital. Your task is to develop a planning document that

details how a mobile access system can be implemented. You can use your imagination

but MUST address the following:

  1. Any potential customer of the State Health Centre must be able to securely

access all information aspects pertaining to services offered using a variety of

mobile devices.

  1. The planning should involve provision for security, privacy and other user and

organizational concerns.

  1. Your planning should identity the various security configuration options

available on the market.?

  1. The planning should include consideration of various operating systems needed

for this implementation, and these should be properly segmented and structured.

  1. The planning should also indicate a provisional list of expense items. You don’t

have to provide a costing now, as this will be done in the second assignment.

You will prepare a planning document, in the form of a report, on how the above

aspects can be accommodated. The planning document is a report covering all aspects

stated above in a succinct manner. You have been given a word limit of 1200 words

(excluding references). You must state your assumptions clearly and validate the stated

assumptions through proper literature search. You may use any format for the report.

The Internet provides many examples of Executive Type reports, and you are

encouraged to search for samples that suit your needs.


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