Fomites and Hand washing Experiment

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Laboratory RePort
MicrobiologY Fall2008
Write a report summarizing and interpreting the data from the handwashing/fomites
experiment. Your report must be typed and well written. It should be divided into the
following sections:
In two or three sentences state why you did the experiment.
This section gives background in formation about the handwashing
experiment to give the reader a better understanding of the importance of the
you should describe your experimental protocol in enough detail for someone to
repeat Your work.
Results are normally described verbally,with reference to a visual presentation
such as a table,graph,etc. Yes,the visual presentation is required.
Summarize the results as concisely as possible preferably in a short,and specific
paragraph. You should discuss any problems or unusual results in the data.If
possible, present explanations for such discrepancies. This section ties together
your introduction and results.
you are not required to use sources other than your note book,and lab manual, but
if you do, they should be referenced in the text where they are relevant.
References are stated by “MLA” rules. See me if you don’t understand how to do
M( /t


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