Impacts of Globalization on the Smartphone Industry

Posted by:Prof. Lexx Posted on:May 3,2016

Evaluate how globalisation has impacted on Smartphone Industry?
Recommend that you look at the influence of environmental dimensions as well as on different operations on your industry. For instance, you can look at 2-3 of the following items depending on your argument:
? Global markets and marketing strategies
? Impact of emerging markets

? Global production and supply chain
? Ethical issues and considerations

? Impact of global regimes and trade blocs
? Current trends and developments
?Evaluation of the industry’s performance in the current economic climate. (the last two points kind of link together)
You will also need to consider the key players in the industry and their global presence in the market
Try to:

  1. Identify top competitors
  2. Key players: common issues, comparable things
  3. Analysis and theories on the globalisation of the industry
  4. Current issues
  5. Use journal articles and analysis
  6. Link the topics together
  7. How is it relevant to the Managing International Business and why it matters to the industry of this choice
  8. Supporting evidence to what you talk…
  9. Be specific as possible to the topic

Particular instructions:1. Make your industry selection based on your interest as well as one that you are confident that you can source plenty of information about.2. Identify several key impacts of Globalisation on this industry (choose from the lecture topics). Make sure that your focus is on the different influences of Globalisation on this industry.3. Gather data on this industry (facts, point of views, trends, academic theories, etc.).4. Critically organise these data (what are the key points? How has globalisation impacted on this industry? Think about the positive and negative evolutions. Think about the local/regional/global influences. Think about the role of institutions, etc.5. Present it professionally and in a structured way, using pictures and graphs to enhance the presentation.

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