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  • After reading the assigned Chapters and Lecture Notes, review the Case Study (Going Green) and answer the following 4 QUESTIONS BELOW  
  1. Is preserving the natural world like the preservation of a historical architectural treasure? If so, why? If not, why not?
  2. Using standard arguments against the business responsibility to preserve the natural world (free use, domination and progress, geological time), make the case that progress should be allowed to destroy the Long Beach Airport’s historical authenticity if that course of action is profitable.
  3. Using standard arguments in favor of the business responsibility to preserve the natural world (preservation for human welfare, for future generations, for the sake of the thing itself), make the case that the Long Beach Airport should be preserved.
  4. If the airport is preserved, who should pay? Why?

Must be 300 words TOTAL. ANSWER ONLY THE 4 QUESTIONS LISTED ABOVE AFTER REVEWING THE CASE STUDY (Going Green) LINK BELOW TO CASE STUDY(Going Green)  ..Locate the correct case study on below link

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